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Weapons Training

Weapons training begins at Orange Belt, starting with the Bo. Why? Because by the rank of Rokkyu, a student has gained enough experience, responsibility and discipline to begin weapon training. The bo is the first weapon learned because of it's simplicity and versatility; these skills can be passed on to subsequent weapons learned later on.

To view the page for each listed weapon (if available), click on the weapon name in the list.

(*) Indicates a prerequisite must be met

Rokkyu (orange belt): Begin learning the Bo (long staff)

Sankyu (purple belt): Choose a 2nd weapon (sword, sai, tonfa, kamas, escrima, or nunchuku)
Ikkyu (red belt): Choose a 3rd weapon (any of above OR *broad sword, *3-sectional staff, jo, spear, eku)

Shodan (1st degree black): Choose a 4th weapon (any of above)

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