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Monday, August 27, 2018

Welcome Fall 2018!

Classes resume Sat. September 8th!

Updates and curriculum changes are underway for the upcoming session. This won’t affect you much if you’re new. To the returning students, don’t be discouraged by the changes. It will be a good thing! I am cutting down the number of forms and techniques that need to be learned for each rank; nothing new will be added. This means that students will spend more time perfecting what they are learning, instead of always throwing new material at them to learn. Quality over quantity! If you are a returning student and had to learn more things for your rank, think of it that you got to learn stuff that I will no longer be teaching, which is really cool! Newer students will be doing just as much work, but will be spending more time perfecting one form at a time instead of learning many. I believe this will be a better experience for everyone. Happy training!

-Sensei Kristalyn