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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

2nd Degree Black Belt Training Guide

2nd Degree Black Belt: Nidan

NOTE: These rank requirements are posted for reference. Sensei Kristalyn is not certified to promote beyond Shodan at this time.

Techniques: Further exploration weapon combat & defense techniques

Sparring: Padded weapon sparring, 2 on 1 sparring

Defense Training: Continue pressure point training; develop 1 of each: bear hug, headlock, nelson, Leopard technique, Crane technique, Dragon technique (these must be effective in a real situation); combination #46-52

Weapons: 5th weapon basics, [5th weapon] Form 1, Iai 1, [3rd weapon] Form 2 (see weapons section)
  • Choose one of: Circle of the Leopard, Snake, OR Five Dragons Face the Four Winds
  • Empi
  • Development of a creative form

NOTE: For instructor certification, must have 100 teaching hours and completion of Instructor Certification Program.

Minimum time in rank: 3 years

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