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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

1st Degree Black Belt Training Guide

1st Degree Black Belt: Shodan

NOTE: Sensei Kristalyn is currently not certified to promote above 1st Degree Black Belt. If you are here, please speak with Sensei about how you can test for the next rank.

Techniques: Further exploration of grappling & take-downs, bo combat techniques, Eagle Claw blocks (see blocking systems)

Sparring: Padded bo sparring, standing & ground grappling techniques

Defense Training: Continue pressure point training; develop 1 of each: wrist grab, choke, lapel grab, Tiger technique, Snake technique (these must be effective in a real situation); Kempo combinations #38-45 (see combinations section)

Weapons: 4th weapon basics, [4th weapon] Form 1, [2nd weapon] Form 2 (see weapons section)

Forms: (see forms section)
  • Choose one of: Circle of the Leopard, Snake, OR Five Dragons Face the Four Winds
  • Swift Tigers
Minimum time in rank: 2 years

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