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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blue Belt Training Guide

Blue Belt: Shi-kyu

Stances: side
Blocks: open hand x-block, 8-point knifehand w/ strikes (see blocking systems)
Strikes: poison thumbs, scissor chop, leopard paw (longfist)
Kicks: roundhouse, kneeling kicks
Techniques: precision targeting

Defense Training: identify 10 pressure points; 1 leopard technique; 1 overhead club, 1 double wrist grab; Kempo combination #10 (see combinations section)

Sparring: 2-step set A alternate
  • Backfist/ high palm block to backfist
  • Outside hammer/ middle palm block to outside hammer
  • Inside hammer/ low palm block to outside hammer
  • Downward hammer/ upward palm block to downward hammer
Form: Kata San-kyu, segment 1 (see forms section)

1st Degree
Note: Begin bo (staff) training (see weapons section)
Stances: rear twist
Blocks: ridgehand
Strikes: spinning backfist, bear paw, trigger finger
Kicks: hook, high kicks
Techniques: changing point of view, pop shift
Bo (staff): basic grips, blocks, strikes
  • Kobudo- The way of weaponry
Defense Training: 1 full nelson, 1 front choke; Kempo combination #11 (see combinations section)

Sparring: 2-step set B alternate
  • Inside crescent kick/ inside knifehand block to lunge outside knife
  • Outside crescent kick/ outside knifehand block to lunge inside knife
  • Roundhouse kick/ lower knifehand block to lunge front knife
Form: Kata San-kyu, segment 2 (see forms section)

2nd Degree
Stances: front twist
Blocks: 8-point w/ strikes & elbows (see blocking systems)
Strikes: driving knifehand
Bo (staff): 8-point bo blocking system, 4-point bo striking system

Defense Training: 1 snake technique; front bear hug; Kempo combination #15 (see combinations section)

Sparring: 2-step set C alternate
  • Backfist/ step back outside knifehand block, front thrust kick
  • Outside hammer/ step back inside knifehand block, round kick
  • Downward hammer/ step back upper knifehand block, inside crescent
  • Low inside hammer/ step back lower block, outside crescent
Form: Kata San-kyu, segment 3 (see forms section)

3rd Degree
Kicks: laying kicks
Techniques: monkey roll, barrel roll
  • Static-active flexibility- The ability to hold a stretched position without outside resistance (like holding a high kick in the air). 
Defense Training: side headlock, single wrist grab; combination #24 (see combinations section)


What's on the test:
  • Bo basics, 8-point bo blocking system, 4-point bo striking system
  • Must have shown an increase in flexibility
  • Basics- front & rear twist stance, open hand x-block, ridgehand block, ridgehand strike (inside, outside), trigger finger, leopard paw, bear paw, spinning backfist, spinning knifehand, poison thumbs, scissor chop, roundhouse kick, hook kick, high kicks, kneeling kicks, laying kicks, pop shifting stances, monkey roll, barrel roll
  • Blocking systems- 8-point w/ strikes & elbows, 8-point knifehand w/ strikes, 8-point palm, 4-point
  • Terms- Kobudo, static-active flexibility
  • Defense- leopard technique, snake technique; 2 wrist grabs, 1 choke, 1 bear hug, 1 headlock, 1 full nelson, 1 club; combinations 10, 11, 15, 24
  • Sparring- 2-step set A, B & C alternate; 5 minutes of soft-contact free sparring
  • Forms- Kata San-kyu, Bo Form 1 (segment 1)

Minimum time in rank: 5 months