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Friday, November 16, 2012

Orange Belt Training Guide

Orange Belt: Roku-kyu

Stances: halfmoon
Blocks: palm blocks; 8-point palm (see blocking systems)
Strikes: inside elbow, inside hammerfist, outside hammerfist, double knifehand
Kicks: front instep, axe
Techniques: coordination, cup & saucer chamber, halfmoon steps

Defense Training: Tiger #2, 1 rear double wrist grab; Kempo combination #3 (see combinations section)

Sparring: 3-step set A
  • Punch/ outside block, punch, punch
  • Punch/ inside block, thrust punch face, thrust punch ribs
  • Punch/ upper block, back punch chin, back punch solar
  • Low punch/ lower block, uppercut chin, thrust punch ribs
Form: Kata Go-kyu, segment 1 (see forms section)

1st Degree
Stances: kneeling
Blocks: outward crane, x-block
Strikes: downward hammerfist, outside hammerfist, grabs/holds
Kicks: drop kick

Defense Training: 1 lapel grab, 1 front choke

Sparring: 3-step set B
  • Front kick/ lower block, lunge punch, punch
  • Side kick/ lower block, lunge palm, palm
  • Back kick/ lower block, lunge inside knife, outside knife
Form: Kata Go-kyu, segment 2 (see forms section)

2nd Degree
Blocks: low parry
Strikes: tiger claw, tiger rake, outward crane
Kicks: shuffle side
Techniques: footwork/ maneuvers

Defense Training: 1 double wrist grab, Kempo combination #18 (see combinations section)

Sparring: 3-step set C
  • Punch, punch/ outside block, outside block, front kick
  • Punch, punch/ inside block, inside block, side kick
  • Punch, punch/ upper block, upper block, front kick
  • Low punch, low punch/ lower block, lower block, side kick
Form: Kata Go-kyu, segment 3 (see forms section)

3rd Degree
Strikes: high side elbow, high back elbow
  • Intermediate- The step after "novice" or beginner, student is beginning to grasp basic techniques and concepts; green, blue, and purple belt.
Defense Training: 1 rear bear hug

Form: Kata Go-kyu, segment 4 (see forms section)

What's on the test (cumulative):
  • ALL previous material from white & yellow belt
  • Basics- palm blocks (high, middle, low, upward, downward), x-block, low parry, elbow strikes (inside, high side, high back), hammerfists (inside, outside, downward, side, lower side), double knifehand strike, tiger claw & rake, outward crane strike, grabs & holds, instep kick, drop kick, shuffle side kick, axe kick
  • Techniques- coordination, footwork & maneuvers, cup&saucer chamber, halfmoon steps
  • Blocking systems- 8-point, 8-point knifehand, 8-point palm
  • Terms- intermediate
  • Defense- 1 hand strike & 1 block for each animal, 1 tiger technique; 5 wrist grabs, 3 chokes, 1 bear hug, 3 lapel grabs; combinations 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 18
  • Sparring- 3-step set A, B, C
  • Forms- Kata Shichi-kyu, Kata Roku-kyu, Kata Go-kyu

Minimum time in rank: 4 months