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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Academic Achievement

Kids in Martial Arts statistically do better in school. 🎓

Here's why. For many children, especially under age 10, school is not a top priority. Many don't like it, they think it's boring or too hard. They do just enough to pass, even though they are capable of more. Kids want to have fun with their friends, play video games, play sports, etc.

Then maybe they try martial arts. It's an environment that fosters self-discipline, focus, goal-setting, confidence, all while having fun and being active. Most of the time they don't even notice they are gaining these benefits; they are too busy kicking that bag, learning a cool defense technique, and striving to impress Sensei.

For those kids that stick with martial arts for a year or more, something remarkable happens. The dojo is a place where hard work is rewarded, every rank is well earned, and only the dedicated make it to black belt. Suddenly these kids have a fire and drive in them to give 100%, perfect a technique, and earn that next rank. This ends up being carried over into other things in life, including school work. Then that C or D student who was once doing just enough to pass because that's all that was required of them, suddenly is striving for A's and B's. They start putting their all into everything they do.

Even though some kids quit martial arts before making it to black belt, the benefits will last and serve them well throughout life. Get your kid into martial arts today! 👊

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