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Friday, October 2, 2015

Curriculum UPDATES

I am planning some changes to the curriculum, which will come into effect Fall 2015. Don't worry, this is a good thing! I've thought about this carefully... being that this is a hybrid system, the number of things that kids have to remember for rank requirements is just too much... especially for the younger group. I'd like to try and stay as true to origins as possible, but I think requirements and number of techniques can be adjusted so that there isn't so much to remember, without losing the benefits and essence of the art.

For those who have already gone through testing with the current requirements, that's ok... nothing wrong with knowing a little extra. More info to come later... stay tuned!

-Sensei K

Curriculum changes implemented in Fall 2015 now in full effect. I've observed that the changes have been a positive thing. Students are more engaged with the addition of partner sparring exercises, and having more fun in class without the "boring" drills that once took up too much class time. Kids now have more confidence and pay more attention to technique without so much material to remember, and it has done wonders for our retention rate. I'm satisfied with the change, kids are happy with it, and hopefully makes for some proud parents as well!